Eric Helms, PhD, CSCS is a nutrition, sport science, and exercise/sport psychology researcher/practitioner with a mission to support the lifting community. He is co-founder and chief science officer for Team 3D Muscle Journey, chief author of the Muscle and Strength Pyramid books, co-founder and contributor to the Monthly Applications in Strength Sport research review, co-host of Iron Culture Podcast, and a Strength & Conditioning Research Fellow in the Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand, at the Auckland University of Technology. He’s coached 100’s of recreational and competitive physique and strength athletes from novice to world champion, published scores of peer-reviewed articles on strength and conditioning, psychology and nutrition as they relate to physique and strength sports, and authored book chapters for strength and conditioning, nutrition, and personal training professionals. In his personal life, Eric is a multi-sport lifter, earning a professional qualification in drug free bodybuilding with the PNBA, and competing in powerlifting, weightlifting, and strongman.